Bozza Legnami Srl

Brief description of organization: Bozza Legnami S.r.l. (BOZZA), was founded in 1956 by Rino and Giuseppe Bozza. The company has always dealt with wooden carpentry construction. When the activity started, the Bozza brothers were providing to all the phases of the work, from choice of trees and lumberjacking, to the cut, seasoning and preparation of timber and finally to the construction of roofs structures. Today, BOZZA is specialized in construction of floors, roofs and timber frames, and in repair and retrofit of wooden carpentry, connections and details according to traditional construction techniques dating from different historical periods. BOZZA merges long-established experience with advanced technological solutions. It uses traditional workmanship and construction techniques and modern production technologies, complemented by advanced software for assessment and design and numerical control in the production phases. The internal technical and consultancy office takes care of the initial data processing and design drafting, and subsequently carry out calculations and safety verifications for the elements and structures to be installed. The production quality assessment is carried out by specialized technical staff at each steps of the process. Performance and requirements are checked for each element, prior to, during and after installation on-site. Since many years, besides production, design, and practical installation work on construction sites, BOZZA also carries out research and internal development on new construction technologies, innovative joints and connections, advanced wood-to-wood connections for retrofitting and modern technologies for strengthening of historic wooden structures. 

Brief description of tasks attributed: BOZZA will mainly contribute to WP5 and WP6 in relation to the development, testing and modelling of techniques for strengthening wooden structures, in particular wooden roofs and floors and their connection with the vertical elements.

Previous experience relevant to tasks attributed: Among the others, several works where technologies for strengthening of historic wooden structures were applied can be quoted. As an example, the roof of the stables at Palazzo Reale in Strà (Riviera del Brenta), the bell tower of the Palladian Basica in Vicenza, the restoration of the Clerical House in Padova, the restoration of the structures of Villa Foscarini Rossi, the conservation of the horizontal structures of Villa Capra (la Rotonda) in Vicenza (World Heritage Site), the conservation of the complex of the Padova cathedral. BOZZA has been also promoted and supported experimental and numerical researches for the characterization of the behaviour of historic truss connections and for the development and characterization of compatible interventions for strengthening wooden floors and roofs.

Short profile of staff members:

Bozza Enzo - Managing Director. Responsible for product and process quality. 30 years experience in the field of wooden floors, roofs and frames technologies.

Francescato Dario - Received his University in Degree from the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Padova in 1996. His graduation thesis was on the Experimental analysis and modelling of shear connectors on compound timber beams. He is responsible for the technical and design office. He collaborate with the University of Padova within the framework of different research project on wooden structures and retrofitting of wodeen structures.

Andolfo Daniele - Technical responsible for the relationships with the clients and for supervision on on-site works.