CINTEC International Ltd

Brief description of organization: CINTEC International Ltd was formed in Newport South Wales in 1984 to take advantage of a newly patented anchoring and reinforcing system of that name. Whilst the basic concept behind the system is simple, the engineering advantages over the other traditional fixing are enormous.

The basic concept of the system has three elements that the designer and engineer can control. From the main body of the anchor to the drilled hole size and the encapsulating sock that allows the injected grout to flow around the main body as required. This system of controlled injection (C-IN -TEC ) has been used throughout the world. We are the market leader in fabric covered cementicious anchors.

Brief description of tasks attributed: CINTEC already commercializes all over the world patented anchoring and reinforcing systems. The main aim into the NIKER project will be that of developing a new type of anchors in which a dissipative device and a sensoring system are imbedded in it, to create new systems for improvement of connections with early warning techniques (WP6). The use of two types of dissipative systems (stick-slip and hysteretic dissipation elements) are envisaged. The development of the system and the characterization will be carried out in cooperation with PA n° 8 (UBATH). Support to initial case study application will be given.

Previous experience relevant to tasks attributed: Our clients and projects range from Windsor Castle after the great fire to The Temple of Hibis in the Western Desert, The Red Pyramid in Dahshur and the Seismic upgrade of the European Parliament Buildings in Athens. The CINTEC system is used extensively in the seismic upgrading and retrofitting  of buildings such as the Historic Cairo Project, the Canadian Parliament Building, African American Unity Centre Los Angeles and Christchurch Cathedral in Australia. The CINTEC system has been seismically tested at the European Joint Research Centre ISPRA (VA).

Short profile of staff members:

Peter James - Managing Director. 8 'o' Levels, ONC and HNC Building 1960/65. Member of the Institute of Directors. Joined the Royal Naval Reserves in 1972 as an ordinary Seaman and retired in 1988 as a Lieutenant Commander Awarded the Reserve Decoration 1987.

Dennis Lee - Project Manager. Currently employed as the Senior Project Manager for the Historic Cairo Restoration Scheme (started in June 2004 ongoing) and is responsible for the Phaeronic project at the Temple of Hibis (started in summer 2005 ongoing).

Sara Paganoni - KTP Engineer. From the 5th November 2007 to the 31st January 2008: Studio di Ingegneria Parravicini & Mancinelli, 25, v. Appiani, 20052, Monza, Italy. Civil engineering, concrete and steel structures. Drawing of structural plans of several projects of new or recovered concrete constructions for civil habitations or industrial sheds. Modelling and calculation through IperSpace of a concrete structure of a dwelling-house. Dimensioning and calculation of single structural elements. Degree In Building Engineering, grade of 110/110.