MONUMENTA Conservação e Restauro do Património Arquitectónico, Lda

Brief description of organization: Monumenta is a private company established in 1997 in Lisbon, with the objective of carrying out interventions in the field of architectural heritage and ancient buildings. Monumenta has sprung up from Stap, which has been active in the rehabilitation sector since 1980. Interventions in architectural heritage and ancient buildings demand more specific skills than the one prevailing in general construction. Monumenta is committed to excellence in interventions in this particular area of activity, to which it is exclusively devoted. To pursue its goals, the firm has brought together a team of specialised personnel, acquired know-how and all the resources in order to apply a wide range of both advanced and traditional rehabilitation techniques for the conservation and restoration of ancient structures. 

Brief description of tasks attributed: Given its large experience of on-site work, MONU will contribute to the project mainly by making available information for the database of WP3. It will then contribute with case studies for the development of the project into WP9. Assessment with analytical tools (WP8) and application of intervention techniques and monitoring (WP9) will contribute to the setting up of the envisaged new methodology. MONU will also contribute to guidelines (WP10) by introducing the contractor view-point.

Previous experience relevant to tasks attributed: A range of work for MONU varies from castles to churches, from historic bridges to town gates, from monuments to decorated surfaces. To quote some of the works: conservation and strengthening of the Castle of Palmela and Church of Santa Maria in Castelo del Palmela, conservation of the Pelourinho monument in Palmela, restoration of the Inquisition House in Monsaraz, strengthening of the historic bridge of Vila Formosa, restoration of the National Palace of Sintra (World Heritage List), conservation of the azulejos of the Town Hall of Tavira, conservation of the Coimbra Town Gate, and many others. The work are all published and can be downloaded in the company website:

Short profile of staff members:

Vítor Cóias - Founder and president of Group Stap, a group of SMEs dedicated to structural rehabilitation, including of architectural heritage projects. Structural specialist of the Portuguese Engineers Society. President of GECORPA. Director of "Pedra & Cal" magazine. Invited lecturer in seminars and pos-graduation courses.

Luís Mateus - Project and Managing Director of Monumenta. MSc thesis on ancient constructions. Considerable expertise in rehabilitating architectural heritage and ancient buildings.

Raquel Paula - Training period in structural design. MSc thesis on confinement of RC columns with CFRP. Assistant in FCT-UNL and ESTBarreiro graduate schools. Some research work regarding fibre composites, restoration of timber and other rehabilitation techniques. Since 2003, is responsible for the R&D Projects of Group Stap.