National Technical University Athens

Brief description of organization: NTUA - National Technical University of Athens, founded in 1837, comprises nine Faculties, offering undergraduate and post-graduate studies. Within the Department of Structural Engineering, a group of specialists is working for the last 25 years on the behaviour of masonry structures and on the preservation of historic structures and monuments. The NTUA group involves Structural Engineers and Architects in teaching and research activities, in close cooperation with the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, in cooperation with the international community within UNESCO and ICOMOS, as well as with other European Universities. Within the last 15 years, the NTUA group has participated to 26 (national and European) research projects related to the preservation of Cultural Heritage. The work of the NTUA group is published in International Reviews, Conference Proceedings and Technical Reports.

Brief description of tasks attributed: NTUA is leading WP7 and will have the responsibility of harmonizing and coordinating the envisaged shaking tests on sub-assemblies and model buildings in the various premises, furthermore it will design and carry out a significant part of the shaking table tests foreseen in the work programme. Due to its large experience, ranging on all of the topics of the research, it will contribute to all WPs. Furthermore, it will work in close relation with PA n° 16 (S&B) for the development of tailored injection grouts.

Previous experience relevant to tasks attributed: The research work of the group is related to full scale testing of masonry elements and subassemblies (under static or dynamic loading-before and after the application of various repair/strengthening techniques), the development of materials adequate for interventions to historic structures, in situ measurements for dynamic identification of monuments, for identification of construction type of masonry (radar, boroscopy, etc.), sonic tests, monitoring of monuments, analytical work (mainly using FEM) for the assessment of historic structures, as well as for the evaluation of various interventions. The NTUA group, in cooperation with national or local authorities, has also studied several local historic structural systems (e.g. Lefkada island, Anavatos in the island of Chios, Nisiros island, etc.) and has drafted detailed guidelines for the identification of the structural system, for the assessment of typical buildings, as well as for adequate intervention techniques.

Short profile of staff members: Ass. Prof. Elizabeth Vintzileou, graduated in Civil Engineering, NTUA, is teaching "Mechanics of masonry", Preservation of historic structures and "Techniques for preservation of historic structures" (in under-and post-graduate level). She has authored more than 150 articles and Conference papers. Member of national and international committees for drafting regulating documents (e.g. National representative for Eurocode 6, member of fib working groups, member of the group drafting the national Code for interventions to existing RC and masonry structures, etc.). Acting as scientific person in charge for several research programs related to the preservation of historic structures. Since 2002, member of the Administrative Council of the Earthquake Planning and Protection Organisation. Prof. Constantine Spyrakos, Director of the Laboratory of Earthquake Engineering, was graduated in Civil Engineering, NTUA. He is specialised in Earthquake Engineering, Seismic Rehabilitation of Structures, Experimental Earthquake Engineering, Soil- Structure Interaction. Author of three books on Structural Dynamics, Linear & Nonlinear FEA Analysis of Structures and Repair & Strengthening of Structures for Seismic Loads. Author of over 200 papers in referred journal publications and conference proceedings. Editorial board of international  journals and scientific publishing institutions. Principal investigator of over 50 research projects funded by USA, EC and the Industry. Ass. Prof. Ioannis Psycharis was graduated in Civil Engineering, NTUA. He is specialized in Earthquake Engineering. His activities related to historic structures comprise research on the behaviour of monuments of classical antiquity and Byzantine monuments, monitoring and analytical work for the assessment and rehabilitation of monuments. He is reviewer in several international Journals. He has authored/co-authored more than 50 papers related to RC and masonry structures. Asst. Prof. Harris Mouzakis was graduated in Civil Engineering, NTUA. He specializes in large scale laboratory testing, analysis and in situ measurements and monitoring of historic structures. He has participated/is participating to numerous research projects He has authored/co-authored more than 30 papers related to the seismic behaviour of structures. During the construction of the Athens Metro, he has conducted in situ measurements related to ambient vibrations, to monuments and historic structures within the region of the metro sites, etc. He has carried out in situ measurements in numerous bridges and buildings, whereas he is responsible for the monitoring system of important Byzantine monuments in Greece. Lecturer Eleftheria Tsakanika was graduated in Civil Engineering, NTUA. Member of ICOMOS, PACT 19 and RILEM Committee for the protection of Historic Timber Structures, Dr Tsakanika is teaching in under- and post-graduate courses related to the preservation of historic structures.