Niker Project Website

The Niker project website is one of the first objectives of WP1. This tool allows public and private access for communication and exchange of information among project partners. 


This website is subdivided in eight main WebPages and a login section:


1. Home - In this webpage a brief introduction of the project is presented along with its main objectives and motivation.  It's also available here a photo gallery, where, the photos from the most important events will be displayed. At this moment are available a selection of photos from the Niker Project kick-Off Meeting that took place on the 18th and 19th of January at Santo Stefano di Sessanio, Abruzzo (Italy).

2. Workpackages - In this webpage the different workpackages that compose this project are presented. For each workpackage are shown some general information related with its duration and involved partners. Also a brief description of the objectives, subtasks, and deliverables are presented.

3. Participants - In this webpage all the partners involved on the Niker Project are presented, and direct access to the different entities website is provided.

4. Supporters - In this webpage are referenced and briefly described all the entities that supported the Niker Project; direct access to their website is provided.

5. News - In this webpage are going to be displayed all the relevant news/communications related with our project, like for example upcoming deadlines, conferences, meetings, etc...

6. Contacts - In this webpage can be found the contacts of the responsible for the Niker Project coordination, namely, Prof. Francesca da Porto and Prof. M. R. Valluzi and Prof. Claudio Modena, allowing every user to directly contact the administration.

7. Site Map - This webpage allows an easy and intuitive general overview and access to the entire website.


These first 7 webpages are for public consultation, in what concerns the webpage download, it can be accessed as a (1) public user (everyone, partner and non partner) and as a (2) Partner.

The webpage, when accessed by a public user, allows only the visualization and download of the documents which are labeled as public by the project administration and rendered available on the download folder within the project FTP.

On the other hand, if this webpage is accessed by a project partner, each partner is able to visualize, besides the public downloads, the entire contents of the project FTP, which at the moment is subdivided in 4 different folders: (a) Meetings; (b) WorkPackages; (c) Administration; (d) Partners.


The Niker Project website is available online for consultation at