Politecnico di Milano

Brief description of organization: POLIMI (Italy - Politecnico di Milano, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Strutturale) is a public Italian Technical University, founded in 1863. The Politecnico di Milano is now ranked as one of the most outstanding European universities in Engineering, Architecture and Industrial Design, and in many disciplines is regarded as a leading research institution worldwide DIS is the Department of Structural Engineering that has several research sections and laboratories.

Brief description of tasks attributed: POLIMI is leading WP3 and will have the responsibility of creating and maintaining the new structured database and to supervise the activity of intervention materials and techniques development by all partners. In the prosecution of the project, POLIMI main contribution will cover the aspects of vertical elements (WP4) and secondary also of wooden roofs and connections (WP5; 6). It will substantially contribute also to WP2; 9 and 10.

Previous experience relevant to tasks attributed: The section named Historical Buildings - Diagnostic and Conservation is a group of professors and researchers that has a long tradition of activities in the fields of: (i) durability of masonry surfaces and structures to aggressive environments, (ii) study of vulnerability of historic buildings and historic centres to disastrous events like earthquakes, (iii) Non destructive and Minor destructive techniques, (iv) monitoring techniques, (v) conservation-rehabilitation methods, (vi) repair of adobe buildings. The section is managing a dedicated laboratory with several technicians (chemical, physical, mechanical tests) and with a wide range of portable equipment for on-site investigations (flat jack, sonic, ultrasonic, GPR, thermography, dynamic testing facilities, radar interferometer). DIS is often involved through L. Binda and her collaborators, in National and International research programmes on the development and application of NDT and monitoring techniques and in contracts for the diagnosis of historic buildings. POLIMI has already created and is managing a database of CH assets under seismic risk for the Italian Civil Protection (Ref. 5).  POLIMI is also currently in the EU Project CHEF (FP7).

Short profile of staff members: Luigia Binda, Full Professor on Rehabilitation of Historic Buildings. Member of the BMS, TMS, RILEM, PT4/SC6/CEN250, RILEM MMS and CNM, RILEM/CIB W80 and of three NORMAL Committees; Convenor of TG2/WG4/CENTC125, Chairman of RILEM127MS, RILEM MDT, RILEM TAC. Responsible and partner in Stimula (SMT4-CT96-2130 ST2J.0390.C(TT)), Environment (EV5V-CT92-0108, EV5V-CT94-0515, ENV4-CT97-0706, ENV4-CT97-0710, EVK4-CT-2001-00060, ONSITEFORMASONRY project EVK4-2001-00091) and BRITE Contracts (BRPR-CT95-0127). Author of more than 400 papers. Awards: J.B. Scalzi award (TMS, USA, 2002); Timber West Memorial award (BMS, UK), TMS fellowship and RILEM Honorary membership, 2006. Alberto Taliercio (PhD), Professor of Structural Mechanics (since 2001) and 'Professeur chargé de cours' at Ecole Polytechnique, Paris (1998-2001). Author of more than 80 papers on Structural, Solid and Computational Mechanics. Research fields: mathematical modelling of the nonlinear behaviour of concrete, masonry and fiber-reinforced composites; structural optimization of anisotropic solids. Luigi Zanzi, Full Professor of Applied Geophysics. Research areas: seismic and radar signal processing. Involved in several Government and Industrial projects and in EC research projects: EESD on NDT for the diagnosis on masonry buildings, EESD ("HYGEIA") on the assessment of contaminated sites. Responsible of a contract with EC JRC in Ispra (I) on radar systems for 3D near-field imaging. Developed a new system for 3D GPR acquisitions patented by Politecnico di Milano. Author of more than 70 papers. Member of the international geophysical societies (EAGE, SEG, EEGS). Received the EAGE Van Weelden Award in 1990. Carmelo Gentile (PhD) Associate Professor of Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamic. Responsible of projects concerning earthquake engineering, dynamic testing of bridges and historic structures, dynamic monitoring. Member IABSE, SEM. Author of over 100 papers. Maria Adelaide Parisi Associate Professor of Structural Mechanics and Earthquake Engineering. Responsible/collaborator of research on the seismic characterization of timber structures, earthquake engineering and seismic risk. Antonella Saisi (PhD), Assistant Professor. Collaborator and/or responsible of projects concerning architectural conservation, calibration and application of NDTs for the diagnosis of masonry, evaluation of the seismic behaviour of ancient masonry building, earthquake engineering, dynamic testing of historic structures and bridges. Member of the RILEM TC216-SAMe RILEM TC223-MSC. Author of over 120 papers. Giuliana Cardani (PhD), Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Architecture since 2005. The PhD thesis concerned the seismic vulnerability of historic centres. Author of over 40 papers. Cristina Tedeschi (PhD) Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Architecture since 2005. The Ph.D. thesis addresses the study of historical mortar and studies of the compatibility between new and old mortar, and developing new mortar for the joint repair by re-pointing. Member of the RILEM TC RHM (Repair of Historic Mortars), and members of UNI (Mortars). Author of over 50 papers. Archh. L. Bolondi, L. Cantini: currently enrolled in PhD courses, Arch. R. De Ponti: collaborator to research; Arch. C. Tiraboschi, graduated technician responsible for the laboratory.