S&B Industrial Minerals S.A.

Brief description of organization: S&B Industrial Minerals S.A. constitutes a Group of companies of 2,200 employees with strong international presence, selling its products in 60 countries worldwide. It was established in Greece in 1934 and is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since 1994. As per 31/12/07 its Consolidated Sales were € 535,4 million and Net Profits were € 26,67 million. The S&B Group consists of subsidiary and affiliated companies, operating mines, processing plants and distribution centres in 20 countries across 5 continents (Greece, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Hungary, USA, China, Korea, etc.). The Group's core activity is the mining, processing and trade of industrial minerals and end-products based on minerals. Utilising the properties of industrial minerals, and through its portfolio of specialty minerals, S&B offers customised value adding industrial solutions for a broad range of applications including building materials, chemicals and metallurgy. S&B possesses extensive reserves and significant market shares worldwide for its main products (bentonite, perlite, bauxite, casting fluxes, specialty minerals and building products). S&B is No1 supplier of perlite worldwide, No1 supplier of bentonite in EU and No2 bentonite producer worldwide, while its portfolio comprises more than 125 perlite- & bentonite-based products for Construction applications.

Brief description of tasks attributed: Development of innovative mineral-based materials to be used in Cultural Heritage Buildings and Monuments (WP3 and 4): 1) a special mineral plasticizer (activated micronized clay) which will effectively replace lime or will be added along with lime in grout injections, 2) the above mineral plasticizer combined with a new super-pozzolanic aluminosilicate mineral having mean diameter of 5-7 microns, which will improve the grout injections rheology, 3) a special light-weight mortar containing expanded perlite or mineral micro-spheres, the addition of which will help to fully control the total load of the construction (after repairing), 4) a special light-weight mortar containing perlite or micro-spheres as well as the new super-pozzolanic aluminosilicate mineral which will enhance the Structure's behavior against earthquake induced failure mechanisms, 5) a new light-weight concrete which will consist of perlite microspheres, activated clay and the super-pozzolanic additive which will be used wherever higher strength and low construction load will be required, 6) active pozzolanic materials with tailored made granulometry, (from 3.35 mm down to 5 μm). Based on this large range of materials and properties, different recipes for the production of masonry or rendering mortars for the vertical elements or grouts for the floor and vaults will be developed to fit better to the specifications and requirements which will be set. New formulations aim to satisfy the needs for compatibility and removability/reversibility as stated in the project. Following lab-scale tests and confirmation of related recipes, mortars/grouts will be produced in industrial-scale. New products evaluation will take place in S&B's research laboratory and the production of the "tailor-made" composite materials will take place in its Athens (GR) and Almeria (ES) plants.

Previous experience relevant to tasks attributed: S&B Product Development (PD) department has a history of 74 years and dates back to 1934. The central research laboratory is located in Athens and is complemented with the facilities of the subsidiaries in other European countries (Germany, Italy). PD focuses on Technical Support to customers and Innovation Activities and its personnel has a lot of experience in European and National projects, as since 1990 has participated in about 25 such projects. In 10 of them S&B acted as coordinator. All these funded projects aimed at process optimisation, new product design, new processing technologies and Applied Research (in laboratory scale). The majority of these activities take place in cooperation with European Research Institutes and Universities. 6 PhD Engineers, 10 Master Level Engineers and Scientists as well as 8 Technicians are employed in the R&D Department.

Short profile of staff members:

Dr. Athanassios Karalis is the Product Development manager of S&B since 2000 and he will be responsible for the NIKER program. He holds a PhD in Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Technology. He graduated from the School of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering of NTUA on 1986. He has been scientific responsible for 5 EU and National research projects and participant in other 3. Dr. Karalis' research activities are focused on construction materials (lightweight cement, mortars and plasters) and formed products (ceiling tiles, firebricks and insulation tiles) containing expanded perlite and mineral-based composite materials.

Dr. Christos Dedeloudis is New Applications Engineer since 2007 and was Laboratory manager between 2005 and 2007. He graduated from the School of Chemical Engineering of NTUA on 1996 and he holds a PhD in Metallurgy & Materials Engineering (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven). He is active in the area of developing innovative materials mainly for Construction and Insulation applications. He runs several research projects while he has been Project manager in 4 European and 3 National projects. He will participate in the tasks of synthesis of the various mineral/inorganic building materials.