Università degli Studi di Padova

Brief description of organization: The University of Padova was founded in 1222. It offers any level of graduation (BS, MS, Ph.D) in 13 Faculties, included the Erasmus Mundus Advanced Masters in Structural Analysis of Monuments and Historical Constructions. The Dept. of Structural & Transportation Eng. (DCT), Faculty of Engineering, has a section involved since many years on experimental and theoretical research topics related to the structural conservation of cultural heritage buildings. It has a large experience on research topics related to the structural repair/strengthening of historic buildings, including laboratory testing and in-situ non-destructive tests, experimental and theoretical analyses of their structural response under static and dynamic actions, static and dynamic monitoring of structural behaviour and dynamic identification of buildings and monuments and non-linear numerical modelling. Analytical procedures for the evaluation of the seismic vulnerability of masonry structures have been developed. DCT has access to all types of laboratory facilities, including shaking table through an agreement with ENEA.

Brief description of tasks attributed: As technology researcher and developer and project coordinator, UNIPD will assume the joint responsibility of successfully coordinating and completing all the RDT work packages. UNIPD will contribute to all the WPs thanks to its deep crosswise knowledge in all the involved investigation fields. In particular, it will manage WP5 of horizontal elements.

Previous experience relevant to tasks attributed: UNIPD has studied the application of different techniques to strengthen and repair single structural members and entire buildings. Injections, jacketing, bed joints reinforcement, FRP technique and dry technique to stiffen wooden floors have been developed and applied in some historical buildings. Innovative materials (inox steel, carbon steel, FRP) have been studied to repair and consolidate not only masonry structures, but also ties, anchorages, etc. Experimental tests, both in situ and in laboratory and analytical and numerical studies have been performed on those subjects. Sonic and ultrasonic tests have been applied and software has been developed for tomographic investigations. They have been applied both for qualitative evaluations of the masonry composition and for evaluating mechanical properties through calibrations by using flat jack test, and also integrated with other NDTs (ONSITEFORMASONRY, FP5). Remote static and dynamic monitoring have been applied to many monuments in Italy and abroad (Qutub Minar, Dheli, EU-India Cross Cultural Programme, FP6) to evaluate the structural reliability, the need of strengthening/repairs, and to check the effects of the interventions during their execution and after. Numerical and analytical models have been used and specifically developed for simplified and very complex analyses of structural components and entire structures both prior to and after the application of strengthening/repair techniques and seismic retrofitting. Contribution in such sense were provided through many research project carried out and also working at the development of technical standards and recommendations, at international (CIB, RILEM, CEN) and national level (UNI, UNI-CIS, NORMAL). In this field there has been a continuous presence in national research programs (CNR, GNDT, RELUIS) and the participation to activities of research and consulting for many public bodies. UNIPD has extensive experience coordinating and cooperating in European projects (FP4, FP5, FP6; Socrates Action, Erasmus Mundus, etc.) and large dissemination actions, as the 4th International Seminar on Structural Analysis of Historical Construction, which attracted more than 300 specialist from 30 different Countries.

Short profile of staff members: Prof. Modena, Civil Engineering degree at UNIPD in 1970. Full professor from 1994 and holder of the course of “Structural Engineering 3” at UNIPD. Member of national and international scientific organisations and technical commissions for the standardisation: Ministry of the Cultural Assets, CNR-GNDT, UNI, CEB, ISO, CEN, EAEE. Scientific responsible and coordinator of researches financed by UE (Brite-Euram; 6FP), MURST, CNR and public bodies and enterprises. Dr. Valluzzi, Ph.D. in ‘Design and preservation of structures’, University of Trieste, in 2000. Assistant professor from 2003 and holder of the courses of “Restoration” and “Structural Problems in Monuments and Historical Buildings” at UNIPD. Winner of the World Prize: Robert L’Hermite Medal in 2005 in recognition of her research work. Member of national and international scientific organisations and technical commissions on CH. Chairman of the Rilem Technical Committee 223-MSC: “Masonry strengthening with composite materials”. She is active on several research projects. Dr. da Porto, Ph.D. in ‘Modelling, conservation and control of materials and structures’, University of Trento, in 2005. Assistant professor from 2006 and holder of the course of “Structural Engineering 2” at UNIPD. Member of national and international scientific organisations and technical commissions. She is active on several research projects. Recently chaired two session at the XIV World Conference of Earthquake Engineering. Dr. Casarin, Dr. Grendene, Dr Garbin Ph.D. in ‘Modelling, conservation and control of materials and structures’, University of Trento, in 2006-2008. Dr. Munari, Dr. Bettiol, Dr. Panizza Ph.D. in 'Preservation of Cultural Heritage', University of Padova 2010-2011.  They are actively cooperating in many research projects. Eng. Dalla Benetta, enrolled in Ph.D. course in Preservation of Cultural Heritage, and graduated technician responsible for the laboratory. Eng. Mazzon, Nicolini, Stievanin, Silva, Lorenzoni, Girardello: currently enrolled in Ph.D. courses.