WP02 - Dissemination and Exploitation

Lead contractor:
UMINHO - Universidade do Minho
Involved participants:
ActivityType: OTH Start month: 3 End month: 36 Persons month: 33


  • Promotion of the results to relevant end-users and stakeholders (designers, architects, engineers, construction companies, public entities, bodies responsible of building maintenance, public authorities, owners, etc) in EU and beyond EU through: (a) guidelines on how to design and execute the interventions, including compared economical studies of the different techniques; (b) guidelines on how to numerically and experimentally assess buildings before, during and after interventions; (c) description of the case studies and of integrated methodology for effective protection and preservation of cultural heritage;
  • Promotion of the results to the industry (mainly SMEs) and decision-makers through the organisation of local Workshops in each country;
  • Promotion of the results to students, professionals and researchers by means of lectures, training courses, publications and seminars. Here a reference is made to the European Master Course on Structural Analysis of Monuments and Historical Constructions, with 30 students per year;
  • Promotion to all the above mentioned categories by means of a dedicated issue in the International Journal of Architectural Heritage and two dedicated international conferences during the duration of the project (Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions 2010; 2012);
  • Promotion of the results to the general public through participation in annual or biannual specialist fairs such as SALONE DEL RESTAURO (Italy), AR&PA Valladolid (Spain) and global construction fairs such as CONCRETA/TEKTONICA (Portugal), INFACOMA (Greece) and SAIE (Italy) and BAU (Germany), etc., press release and media;
  • Promotion of the results in pre-normative, regulatory and standardisation communities (ISCARSAH; ISO; CEN, CIB, RILEM, etc.)
  • Development of exploitation opportunities for SMEs in the field, also by means of associations and organization of enterprises and productive districts (Metadistretto Veneto dei Beni Culturali, ASSORESTAURO -Italy; GECORPA and IGESPAR - Portugal, others).


  • WP2.1: Scientific and technical dissemination of results;
  • WP2.2: Exploitation of methodology and technology.


  • Project presentation - press releases, leaflet, fact sheet (D2.1), delivered at PM6;
  • Platform for dissemination and exploitation, including structure, target groups and other (D2.2), delivered at PM9;
  • Dissemination plan (D2.3) and exploitation plan (D2.4), describing dissemination actions and the necessary steps for exploitation, delivered at PM18. To be updated every 9 months, incorporating changes in planned actions and reports of completed actions (D2.5; D2.6; D2.7; D2.8);
  • Project presentation - video (D2.9), delivered at PM36.



Ensure the dissemination of results within technical and scientific communities and end-users groups (beginning with PM3), and the exploitation by participating institutions and in particular SMEs and Industry. The Workpackage will be monitored through the issue of an initial plan for dissemination and exploitation (M2 at PM6), by the organization of 6 main events and many other smaller events during the project duration, which will lead to the achievement of a favourable platform for dissemination and exploitation at the end of the project. At PM 36 will be realized a project presentation in form of a video.